Mashpee is one of the must-visit places in Massachusetts. Aside from its cool weather and rich history, the town is where you can find these top four attractions I personally recommend. Let’s get to know more about them below.


Cahoon Museum of American Art – Mashpee

MashpeeThis is the oldest Art museum in the entire state of Massachusetts. Built in 1775, The Cahoon Museum of American Art is where you can find 19th – 20th century masterpieces from some of America’s well-loved artists.

Cahoon made a remarkable history in the American Post-modern Art Scene. It started out as a tavern for 17th century artists until Ezra Cocker sold it during the early 1900s. But it was in 1945 when the inn was purchased. Martha and Ralph Cahoon put up a studio for the display of their antique collection. In a span of two decades, Cocker’s inn served as both their home and workplace.

After Ralph’s death in 1982, Martha sold the inn to art collector Rosemary Rapp. Two years later, Rapp turned the 17th century tavern into a museum.  In 1986, Cahoon Museum of American Art opened to public.

Today, the place showcases a stunning collection of 18 – 20th century folk art masterpieces. This includes portraits by Erastus Salisbury Field & William Matthew Prior, as well as marine-inspired paintings by Xanthus Smith, William Bradford and James Butterworth.


Falmouth Country Club – Mashpee

Falmouth Country Club is one of my favorite country clubs in Massachusetts. It actually appears to be a public golf course located within the Atlantic beaches. My favorite area in Falmouth is the Green Fairway Terrain. This is where you’ll experience the serenity of the Cape Cod beach while playing golf. Not only that, Falmouth offers these one-of-a-kind services.


Annual Pass Benefits:

  • 20% off on range balls
  • 10% off on selected golf club merchandise
  • 15-day advance reservations
  • Unlimited “green fees” during holiday season
  • Reduced fees for guests during Summer


JFK Hyannis Museum

MashpeeThe museum, named after John F. Kennedy, was built to take us back to the former American president’s stay in Cape Cod – from the days of relaxation with his family to playing football to sailing the Atlantic shores.

JFK Hyannis Museum features over 90 photographs of the president’s Mashpee getaway. Taken between 1935 and 1964, the photos highlight JFK’s personal life. In addition, a video presentation (directed and narrated by Walter Cronkite) is shown depicting JFK’s experiences in the Cape.

The Museum became an opportunity for me to know more about JFK. Many of us know that he’s one of the world’s highly controversial icons in politics. Nevertheless, JFK Hyannis Museum showcased the other side of the Kennedys like we’ve never seen before!


Holy Ridge Golf Club

Holy Ridge was recently named by the US Golf Range Association as one of Top 100 Golf Courses in America. This attraction appeals to avid golfers of all ages – thanks to its 3000 yards of unlimited golfing experience!



There are 50+ tourist attractions in the town, but these four recommendations are the most visited ones. If you’re heading your way to Mashpee, don’t forget to check out these places.