Mashpee has become my favorite vacation destinations. I am the type of person who works really hard. This is the reason why at the end of the week I often feel burned out and just want to relax. I don’t like the noise of the city so I always look for nearby sanctuaries I can relax and be at peace. And then one day, I was searching for quiet places near Boston (where I live) and I came across this place; also in Massachusetts and just south of Boston. So I decided to go there one weekend and was instantly smitten by the peaceful aura and fresh scent of oak and pines. There are many different attractions here, too, that you can visit and spend some idle time in.


Quashnet Valley Country Club in Mashpee

MashpeeThis is one of those attractions that I highly recommend you visit. Since you are most likely visiting this place for environmental and relaxing reasons, you should never pass the opportunity to come here. This is actually a golf course but the lush greenery is just captivating and inviting that it is so hard to resist. There are 18 holes all in all as per Massachusetts regulation with a medium-length layout to provide a quiet and nice golfing experience for you. But even if you aren’t golfing (like me) you can still go here and just take a stroll around, be at peace with the environment, and just fully appreciate nature. If I can actually live here I would, but work and my lifestyle cannot permit, so weekend getaways here are my little luxuries in life.


Wampanoag Pow Wow

If you like cultural experiences, this is an event here that you shouldn’t miss. The Wampanoag is the indigenous people residing here that have taken care of this place ever since they inhabited it. Visit them on the 4th of July to experience the Pow Wow. The Pow Wow event is a cultural event they have prepared for that they hold each year. Be prepared for a day of wonderful cultural immersion with the Wampanoag. Expect some traditional drums being played, traditional dance contest, and a gastronomic adventure on this day. I say this is one event worth the trip. The cultural experience is different and very educational, indeed.


Cape Cod Children’s Museum

MashpeeI don’t have kids yet but I have tried going inside the Children’s Museum before. It is a haven for all the kids and even kids-at-heart might find something delightful here. You will be greeted by kids running around and trying different things out in the museum. But entrance fee for adults can be quite expensive so I suggest going with here with just one guardian can be enough. The museum is only good for 1-2 hours for kids anyway. Still, the things you will find here will surely amaze kids.


Mashpee for a Holiday

I think this place has definitely become my favorite weekend getaway. It offers the tranquility that I am looking for in a place as well as a learning experience. I say a vacation in Mashpee is truly worth it.