Mashpee High School (MHS) is a public secondary school located at the intersection of Route 151 and Old Barnstable Street. I found out through research that MHS only admits 560 students every year. No wonder why the institution is known for their quality education.



MashpeeMHS was founded in 1996. But before its formal opening, the first batch of enrollees attended Falmouth High School. The latter is an affiliate of MHS. The local government administered the opening of its own public high school due to concerns regarding overpopulation among schools.

MHS initially offered grade 7 – 12 programs. In 2008 however, the board of directors separated the grade 7 and 8 students from Junior High students. Today, MHS now serves 9 – 12th grade students, except for the 7th and 9th ones since they are admitted to Mashpee Middle School (MMS).

As of 2011, there are 670 students enrolled at both MHS and MMS. 7.5% of them are Native Americans.


Mashpee High School’s Well-known Alumni

Among some of the school’s famous alumni are:

  • Isabeau Miller – Contestant of the NBC hit show “The Bigger Loser” (Batch 2003)
  • Sam Richmond – NFL Superstar and sports advocate (Batch 2000)
  • Jamaal Branch – Ex-NFL player for New Orleans team (Batch 1999)


Sports Programs

MashpeeMHS is known for offering a variety of sports and interscholastic programs. The football team brought pride for garnering the highest-rated defense in state tournaments. The team won their first State Championship in 2010 after defeating Brockton’s Cardinal Spellman team.

MHS is affiliated with sports organizations South Shore League and MIAA, and has been competing at Division III and IV athletic meets in Massachusetts since 1998. Among other educational institutions MHS defeated in various competitions are: East Bridgewater, Abington, Cohasset, Norwell, Harwich and Carver High School.


Mashpee High School’s Other Achievements & Controversies

MHS is the first government-owned institution recognized by the Society of Television & Motion Picture Engineers. The group has been invited by various schools in US and Canada as well as Hong Kong and China. STMPE is headed by Arthur Joia, who happens to be an alumnus of MHS.

MHS made national headlines in 2004 after they featured a strip club in their annual school fair.  Zachary’s Pub is known for its exotic services and nude dancers. According to reports, the school convinced the club’s owner Richard Halpern to recruit Junior High students. Aside from Zachary’s Pub, MHS featured other businesses that are non-educational.

The school made headlines again in 2006 after a group of students designed T-shirts with “Start Snitchin’” written on it. This was done in the wake of series of bomb threats that occurred within school premises. The students wore the T-shirts as their response to the administration’s threat of violence. The situation was immediately resolved after a closed door meeting was held between the administrators and students.


Latest News

Just recently, the school’s football team won their first South Shore League Championship by defeating the East Bridgewater Football Team. The team is currently competing in the Mashpee District IV.