Mashpee has been a haven for me ever since I discovered its beauty. It has a natural serenity to it that you can’t get elsewhere; definitely the best place to go on a peaceful vacation. Unfortunately, not too many people see the potential and the beauty that lies in this quiet town in Massachusetts. I mean, have you heard anyone talk about a vacation here before? If you did, what was your reaction to the story? I doubt that it elicited any positive reaction from you because it is not really a well-known vacation hotspot unlike Disneyland or Universal Studios, perhaps. But I personally prefer vacations here simply because of its amity and tranquility. If you are one for such vacations as well, then this is a great place for you to visit.


Mashpee Geography

Mashpee        In terms of geography, it is one of the best places to live in. For one, the population density is very light. That means very few people per land area which means lesser domestic waste and lesser pollution as well. It has a small land area anyway so it can’t really accommodate that many people. And because there are only about 14,006 people in total according to the 2010 census done here, land is not a scarce resource. It is strategically located near other tourist-rich areas of Massachusetts such as Falmouth to its west known for its pristine environment, Barnstable on the east and is just about 65 miles south of Boston if you want to go there. In terms of flora, there is pretty much an abundance of oak and pines here. There are also various ponds, lakes and rivers as well as the infamous South Cape beach you can indulge in.



        In terms of transportation, you really have nothing to worry about. Even if there are no freeways around here, you can easily get to your point of destination easily. There are different roads you can take to get from one place to another which makes this town quite accessible. There are also no railroads or even subways in town so the only way you can get around here are through walking, biking and your own car. Buses are also abundant if you need to take public transportation to travel in and around town. There is no airport here and the nearest one is at Barnstable (only a few miles away from town).


Tourist Attractions

Mashpee        Aside from peace and tranquility, there are other more reasons why this place is a great vacation spot. There are so many places to visit such s the Children’s Museum if you brought your kids with you. There is also Cupcake Charlie’s which serves the best cupcakes in the entire world. You can also visit the river reservation for some quiet and alone time.


Learning more About Mashpee

        This is a great place to go on a vacation in. There are lots of things to see and lots of things to experience. If you enjoy quiet vacations like I do, a trip to Mashpee is definitely a must for you.