I love going to Mashpee whenever I can mostly because of its serenity and tranquility. It is one of those places that amidst the globalization and modernization of other cities and areas around it, it remains quiet and peaceful – as it has always been. But more than peace of mind, I like going here for the attractions that it provides. Not many people are aware of this small town in Massachusetts and I think their attractions are always underrated. These attractions are what make this place more exciting and attractive – some of the reasons why I like to go on a vacation here. If you are interested in going on a vacation here, too, here are some of the places I highly suggest you visit.


Mashpee Commons

Mashpee        Okay, maybe I exaggerated a bit when I said this small time remained quiet and peaceful. Still, compared to other fast-paced cities around, this offers a quieter and more peaceful environment. But that does not mean it doesn’t have any modern buildings around it. The Commons is a shopping and dining area here that people like to gather sometimes. It is comprised of a variety of stores, boutiques, restaurants, movie house, and many other facilities and services offered. It may not be as big as many other malls and shopping areas across the country but there is definitely variety in terms of goods sold here. Also, the area is known for its lush greenery. Despite being a shopping area, its cleanliness was maintained and plants are all well-groomed and kept healthy.


Cape Cod Children’s Museum

        If you are traveling here with your kids, don’t worry that it will be a boring vacation for them. The Children’s Museum will definitely have some things that will surely catch their attention and make them want to stay there more. Even for the kids-at-heart too (just like me) – this is going to be a good stop when you go on a vacation here. There are so many things to see and so many things to do for every child ages 1-6 years old. When we visited the museum, there were a bunch of kids roaming and running around freely trying out and checking out different things inside. But people were complaining about the adult entrance fee to be overpriced. Nonetheless, this is a great experience for kids.


Lowell Holly

Mashpee        Another must-see attraction when you visit here is Lowell Holly. If peace of mind is really the reason you went all the way here, you must visit this place. There is a remarkable foot trail you can follow surrounded by holly plantings and a beautiful view. This place is a peninsula surrounded by two different lakes and a beach nearby where you can even take your pet for a swim on rare occasions. This is where you can really appreciate the beauty of nature and where you can get peace of mind the most.


Great Attractions in Mashpee

        These three places are just three reasons why I love going on a vacation here. I really believe that the beauty of these places is underrated and not many people appreciate them. I encourage you to spend a vacation in Mashpee and appreciate the beauty of these attractions.