Mashpee has been my go-to vacation destination ever since I first visited it. I remember it years ago and nothing seems to have changed; it is still the quiet and peaceful town in Massachusetts. If you like a peaceful vacation away from any noise and pollution the city life bombards you with, this is the perfect getaway for you. It has the eerie antique or vintage feel that is inimitable elsewhere. But mind you, there are lots of cool places here to hang out. Whether you like the tranquility of nature tripping to a modern shopping area and even a delightful sweet dessert, they have it here for you. Here are some of my favorite places to hang out whenever I am in this little haven in Massachusetts.


Cupcake Charlie’s in Mashpee

Mashpee        If you ask me for a great place to check out here, Cupcake Charlie will be my first answer – no questions asked. Cupcakes have been an old American favorite dessert reminiscent of those days when our moms were based in households and bake cupcakes every day. I love cupcakes and it is one of my comfort foods (Red Velvet cupcakes to be exact). This cupcake kingdom (literally speaking) is truly heaven sent for all the sweet teeth out there. They have over 130 different cupcake flavors to choose from (as in cupcake galore all you want) – just by looking at those cupcakes can already make you wet you mouth! You get sugar high upon the sight of this quaint cupcake store. As what they tell their customers, life is short so eat a cupcake – indeed I will!


River Reservation

        Once you have gotten your dose of sugar at Cupcake Charlie’s, you might want to unwind in some peaceful area after to take out all the stress building inside you. You can go about the river reservation by foot walking on foot trails along its banks or experience the currents through paddling. Whatever you choose, I can guarantee that a trip here is definitely worthwhile. The area takes pride in the river restoration because it remains to be one of the most pristine places you can ever visit in the region. It offers a one-of-a-kind nature adventure that you and the river can only share. You will also hardly see any human intervention here, which is why it remains to be pristine – untouched by humans.


Dexter Grist Mill

Mashpee        If you are a fan of historical or old structures, you should never miss the opportunity to drop by Dexter Grill Mill. This structure has withstood the test of time being built all the way back to 1640. It was originally designed with a water wheel made of wood (similar to the ones you often see in millers back in historical movies). But later on it was replaced with a steel one to preserve it. It has remained as one of the oldest structures in the country earning it a consideration from you to visit when you do go on a vacation here.


Sights to See in Mashpee

        The place may not be as sounding and alluring as New York City or LA but it definitely has a charm unique to it. Visit Mashpee and go to any of these attractions I mentioned, and I promise, you will be smitten just like what happened to me.