I really enjoy spending my vacations and holidays in Mashpee. It may not be as alluring a city as New York or LA perhaps, but it has a different beauty all its own making it an attractive place, indeed. If you are like me who would rather spend the holidays or any vacation for that matter in a quiet and peaceful small town, you will definitely like it here. It has a rustic, country vibe that is inimitable – definitely a place to relax, unwind and let go of the stress on your shoulders. Had you deiced to spend a vacation in this quiet little town, here are some favorite hotels you can check out.


Sea Mist Resort in Mashpee

Mashpee        One of my all-time favorite small hotels in this area is Sea Mist Resort. But before you decide that you want to stay here as well, read on as there are definitely some perks and disadvantages to staying here. It has very spacious rooms and the services are really great. Check-in is very smooth and people there are very much helpful at all times at all inquiries. But you are warned that this is an old resort hotel. I heard some people complaining about bugs and spiders in their unit’s bathroom and kitchen as well as the beds. Some people also complained about complementary bath and pool towels to be too thin; not likely to soak up the water from your hair. But I think these complaints actually add to its character and charm. It gives you that antique feel as if you went back to the 1960’s. And besides, its location is more accessible than other hotels you can find.


Southcape Resort in Mashpee

        Another popular accommodation for tourists and vacationers here is Southcape Resort. It is a condo-hotel combined. It has spacious units that are always praised by many people. And being a condo-hotel, it is complete with facilities and services as if you never left home: washer, kitchen appliances, air conditioning, and laundry area. It is also strategically located making other facilities, attractions and places to visit very accessible to you. There are tons of different restaurants you can choose to dine nearby that serves freshly caught seafood. Overall a good hotel, but I still prefer the rustic one above.


New Seabury Resort and Conference Hotel

Mashpee        Now if you are here because of a convention, meeting or conference more than a vacation, this is definitely a great place for you. They offer a large conference hall where you can gather for meetings, seminars and whatnot. But I also heard some complaints from guests that it is way overpriced. Most of them say the facilities, amenities and services are not up to par with the pricing. Cottage rates here start at $435 per night which I find extremely expensive (another reason why I prefer the rusty Sea Mist Resort).


Quiet Vacation

        I always dream of having a nice and quiet vacation – far from the hustle and bustle of living in a city. This is why I love going here every so often as it relaxes my mind and invigorates my soul. Stay in any of the Mashpee resorts mentioned above to enjoy the same level of peace and quiet as I do.